The support that you can receive from your cloud web hosting provider is very important, regardless if you have pre-sales questions and you are not a client yet, or you've got a technical problem with a current account. Prompt and correct info about a question or a problem will save you a lot of time and efforts, not mentioning that this is usually a proof that you're ordering from an actual hosting provider and not from some reseller. If you buy a hosting account from a company that does not own its servers and it cannot access them immediately, it is quite possible that you will wait for a day or two so as to have a response to any kind of query, therefore your web sites may remain offline for quite some time. However, a supplier that offers different ways of communication and has a support crew that is available any time can assist you right away and help you reduce or totally avoid any kind of downtime and potential losses.

24/7 Customer Support in Cloud Web Hosting

All our Linux cloud web hosting come with 24/7/365 pre-sales, customer and tech support, so regardless of whether you are inquiring for our solutions well before you make an order or you are a current client and you have any question or some difficulty, you will be able to contact us at any time, including weekends and holidays. We have multiple channels to contact us - several telephone lines globally for your convenience plus live chat support for pre-sales, billing and general questions; emails and support tickets for more complex matters or any matters which need additional time to analyze and take care of. In contrast to a number of other web hosting providers, our trouble tickets come with a warranted maximum response time of just one hour, thus whatever your problem is, it'll be resolved timely and you won't waste days so as to have something fixed.

24/7 Customer Support in Dedicated Servers Hosting

When you purchase a dedicated server from our company, you are able to contact us at any time using various channels and the max time that you will have to wait for an answer is approximately 1 hour, so you can forget all about waiting an entire day. Our customer and tech support service is present 24/7 regardless of whether it's a holiday or a weekend and we can support you with anything related to the apps that are pre-installed on the server. To get in touch with us about a tech issue, you will be able to open a trouble ticket via the Help section of your billing Control Panel or you can send us an e-mail. In case you have any general questions or you would like to learn more about our hosting services before you order, you may also use our live chat or you can call one of the local numbers that we have in different countries around the world. In the event that you need assistance with third-party software that you can't install or manage effectively, you can add the Managed Services upgrade to your package and our system administrators will assist you.