Having a site is more complex than just having a domain and uploading files for it on a server. The hosting service also features things such as domain records, databases, email addresses, statistics, FTP access, and so on. Although they might not be the first thing which comes to mind when you refer to the word “website”, they are an integral part of any site and none of them can be overlooked. If you would like to start and keep a profitable online presence, you will need an easy way to control these things, particularly if you aren't very knowledgeable. Aside from the ease of use, it is also important to have full control over your domains and the hosting service associated with them.

Website Manager in Cloud Web Hosting

Our Linux cloud web hosting provide a feature-rich Website Manager, which will give you full control over every part of your online presence and you'll be able to manage everything without any difficulty. Quick-access buttons will allow you to check out or change the DNS records for each domain hosted within the account or the WHOIS details for a domain registered with us, to create a database, an FTP account or an e mail address, to install a script-driven application, and more. These options could be managed via a very intuitive interface, so even in case this is your first hosting account ever, you shall not encounter any difficulties and will be able to do practically anything you want. The Website Manager features a selection of help articles and video lessons that we have prepared to make the management of your web presence easier.